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Sub-Zero Freezer Repair in Los Angeles

Sub-Zero Freezer Repair in Los Angeles

A broken freezer is like a curse during the extended summer month. Freezer repair may involve replacing or fixing a broken compressor, handling a faulty condenser, replacing an ineffective metering device, or servicing the evaporator. Whatever may have caused the problem needs to be diagnosed and taken care of and nobody comes more highly recommended than your local appliance repair specialists, at Subzero Authorized Repair Service.


Broken freezer is like a curse during the extended summer months. Sub-Zero Freezer repair may involve replacing or fixing a broken compressor, handling a faulty condenser, replacing an ineffective metering device, or servicing the evaporator. Whatever may have caused the problem, it needs to be diagnosed and taken care of and nobody comes more highly recommended than your local authorized appliance repair specialists, at Sub-Zero Authorized Repair Service.

Sub-Zero Freezers have separate systems which are responsible for different features. It is important to understand the inner working of this appliance to correctly diagnose the problem and our Sub-Zero authorized technicians have the trained eye just for that. We understand the inconveniences which come with uncooperative appliances and if you are experiencing any of the below mentioned symptoms call appliance repair specialist as soon as possible:

•It doesn’t work at all
•Automatic defrost doesn’t work automatically
•It’s not cooling
•The door doesn’t stay closed
•Rubber gaskets needs replacement
•It cools poorly
•It’s all iced up
•It leaks
•It makes noise
•It doesn’t cycle off
•There’s power to the freezer but it still doesn’t work

Our experienced Sub-Zero authorized service technicians can adjust the thermostat to stabilize the internal temperature of the unit, replace all the seals, inspect the wiring, and sometimes even breathe new life into your long loved appliances. The times are tough and freezers haven’t evolved much in the last few years, there is really no need to throw away money on new appliances when only at the fraction of the cost we can rejuvenate your existing unit. Sub-Zero Freezers help us save money by allowing us to buy in bulk, do not let all your frozen food spoil, get in touch with a reputable appliance repair company and quickly and painlessly put this dilemma behind you.

Top common problems that the freezers have

A freezer is probably the most crucial part of our kitchen. However, most of the time this precious kitchen asset starts showing unexpected behavior like making noises, leakage or freezer burnt. If you are experiencing any abnormal functioning then maybe it’s time to call for the experts to inspect and repair.

Freezer Repair is a renowned name when it comes to handling and dealing with freezers and their problems. In this writing, we will enlist some of the most common issues that the freezer owners have to face and would also reveal the culprits behind them. It is always advisable to call the experts however a little knowledge regarding the problems would still benefit. So keep on reading and equip yourself with the knowledge regarding freezer abnormalities and their possible causes.

  • My freezer becomes noisy:

Oh, wait! From where do these strange noises coming? It’s your freezer doing groaning and moaning.


The most probable cause for the noise issue could be the default in the fan motor. However, there are multiple other reasons that the sounds may come out of your freezer, including the clicking sound of the ice maker, defrosting sound, and due to numerous fan function the whirling one. So here the point is you have to identify that the sound is related to which function of the freezer. If all the other functions usually are happening, then it might be the sound of the average working of the freezer. However, if your freezer is showing performance issues then repairing the issue might help in solving the noise problem. Another case it is always advisable to go for the expert advice to have the best possible solution to the problem.

  • Excessive frost builds up:

Before going for any repairing solution, it would be prudent to see for the correctable conditions due to which the freezer might be building excessive frost.

The building of frost inside the door gaskets is an indication of the partially open door. Check for the possible culprit that is preventing the door from complete closure.

Another reason might be the low temperature of the appliance. If you have set the temperature of the appliance too low, then it would be difficult for the appliance to remove the excess moisture from the air and it would result in the formation of snow or frost everywhere.

The negligence with the closing of the freezer door is the main reason behind the build of frosting inside the entire appliance. All you need is to shut the door and let the appliance go through multiple defrost cycles to clear all the frost.

However, if you find that the frost is only building up at the back of the freezer then the problem might be due to the out of order defrost heater, defrost timer, or sensor. All change of the gadget will fix the problem. However, you need an expert to identify the exact problem to find the right solution.

  • Water leakage:

The water on the floor from the freezer might be due to spilled water or an ice cube being melted away however if that is not the problem then the real culprit behind this might be the frozen frost drain.

The leakage might also be caused by the formation of excessive frost on evaporation coils, and when the freezer initiates it defrosting cycle, it will cause more water in the condensation pan than it can hold so the result would water leaking from the appliance.

Also, check for the mechanical room at the back of the appliance which offers the normal flow of air over the condensation pan. If the cover is missing or damaged, then a proper replacement is needed ASAP.

Last but not the least there might be a crack or damage in the condensation pan due to which water is leaking. If this is the reason, then you need the pan replacement.

  • My freezer is not cooling:

Most of the time the owners complain that their appliance is not running. This might be because of the following reasons including the controls are not working correctly, the mode is set this way, or the power has not been supplied to the device correctly.

The problem might be in the thermostat setting or the main board. However, to identify the real reason an expert inspection is required.

  • Warmer temperature:

Another sign of freezer dysfunction is that the freezer temperature is too warm than the average temperature. This problem might arise due to many reasons, so it is pertinent to find the right reason.

Sometimes due to human error, we adjust the temperature of the freezer too warm manually, so it is always advisable to check for the human error first hand. The standard freezer setting should reside between 0ºF to 5ºF.

The amount of product in the freezer is also very much crucial to maintaining the proper temperature inside the appliance. If the freezer is too filled, then it might cause the blockage of free airflow, or if the freezer is too less filled, then the cooling might escape every time we open the door.

The surrounding temperature of the appliance also impacts the performance. If the environment is too cold, then it might cause the freezer problem in the running. Or if the temperature is too warm outside, then it might cause difficulty to bring down the internal temperature to the desired degree.

If the temperature issue is caused along with heavy frost at the back of the appliance, then it might be due to the problem in the defrosting coil, heater or sensor.

If the thermostat is showing correct temperature, but you feel the appliance warm, then it might be the thermostat or the sensor issue. Moreover, the main control board might show dysfunction in reading the exact input control temperature.

The insufficient temperature might be the result of insufficient Freon for the proper cooling or the appliance.

Professionals are here

The reasons for freezer dysfunction could vary from appliance to appliance, so it is always pertinent to contact the experts from the expert opinion if the device is showing problematic behavior. At Sub Zero Freezer Repair we offer the best professional advice and repairing service for all kinds and companies appliances. So if your freezer is freezing you out, contact us today, and we fix the problem once and for all at extremely affordable rates.

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